After 4 years, Fundays are back and we took 18 of our Beavers on a 13 hour adventure to the Scout HQ at Gilwell Park. Here are some of the highlight. I think everybody in several photos. The activities are almost in chronological order

The day kicked off with an adrenaline-pumping session of grass sledging. Participants hopped on their specially designed sleds, gliding effortlessly down grassy slopes with the wind in their hair and laughter echoing through the air. The thrill of speed and the joy of friendly competition was palpable.

As the energy soared, the rhythmic beats of the drums filled the air, captivating everyone’s attention. We visited a drumming workshop was set up, where participants discovered the power of music and embraced their inner rhythm.

The adventure continued with an exhilarating rafting expedition in the bomb hole. Armed with life jackets and paddles, teams of brave Beavees navigated the pond.

The towering rock wall beckoned the adventurous beavers to conquer new heights. With harnesses secured and determination in their eyes, the beavers eagerly took on the challenge of rock climbing. The sense of accomplishment was shared by all as they reached new peaks and overcame personal boundaries.

After lunch, the beavers tested their strength, balance, and agility in the indoor climbing shed. To the cheers and encouragement from fellow climbers many of the Beavers rang the bell near the roof.

Finally some random pictures from the rest of the day