30 Sep 2018

11pm am they are all in bed and asleep.
Beavers have had plenty to eat, hot dogs as the sun set, smores and hot chocolate.
We have been out finding bats, had a camp fire and a movie.

18 Aug 2018

Our next fundraiser is the barbecue stall at the Liss Forest Fun Day.  The Fun Day takes place 2-5pm at Liss Forest Recreation Ground Monday 27th August.  Volunteers to help please sign up on the Fundraising page (link in menu bar above).

4 Aug 2018

The weather on the last night of camping with the Cubs was so warm that we decided to let them sleep under the stars with the sides of their tents tolled up.
This evening, the camp site is much quieter place as we said goodbye to the Cubs at lunch time. The Scouts are staying on for an extra day for a final camp fire, break down the camp and a last visit to the camp tuck shop.1
The wall of Irn Bru (aka Leaders Fuel) tins in the kitchen was completed …

1 Aug 2018

The Cubs joined forces with the scouts to build fires and cook pizzas on the embers. In the afternoon the Cubs earned more crystals with archery and wooden badge making. This was followed by joint campfire with many Cubs and Scouts contributing a verse or two of the songs.


1 Aug 2018

Despite the massive clap of thundet at 5am this morning, no one was in the least scared.
The scouts have been working on their knife and and skills, they have also started cooking their own food.
The Cubs have been busy with their Crystal Maze Activities and soap carving.
This evening we joined to Woodcraft Folk for a campfire.

30 Jul 2018

The scouts are really getting into the swing of camp now. Still a bit of rain this morning, but by this afternoon it was warm enough to break out the ice pops.
The Scouts have been making camp gadgets and set up their field kitchen, tonight was their first self cooked meal.
The cubs did there first Crystal Maze challenges and then went on a hike in the afternoon.
Mean while the leaders are barricading themselves in the kitchen with tins of empty Irn Bru.

29 Jul 2018

Today the Cubs arrived. Unfortunately no-one has taken any pictures today due to the weather.
The Scouts have been a bit of a busier day learning knife skills this morning and setting up their kitchen in the afternoon.
This evening as the weather improved, we played a wide game which involved the Cubs and Scouts chasing the Young Leaders.
The Scouts are off on a night hike tonight.
Hopefully the weather will improve tomorrow and we will feel like taking photos.

28 Jul 2018

The scouts have been working hard all afternoon getting there own camp site set up and also setting up the tents for the Cubs who will be arriving tomorrow. Despite the rain we had in Liss last night, none fell here so the ground is rock hard.
Reasonably early night tonight, 9:45 and we are enjoying the first camp fire.

15 Jul 2018

All the Beavers too part in our #skillsforlife activities this morning provided a the skills require a good knowledge of marshmallow burning.
This afternoon the Beavers did a 4 mile walk to Welbedding Common which was a real challenge as they had to walk 4 miles in quite hot conditions.
This evening we have been chilling out with a double 99 for desert followed by a camp fire. Most Beavers were happy when we let them go to bed at 10.30.