Suggested kit

The following is a guideline of what to bring on a camp and may be adjusted for seasonal and activity reasons.     

Packing the Rucksack

Travel in uniform shirt (unless otherwise stated) and neckerchief, long trousers, walking shoes / boots.

The following kit is in addition to clothing being worn to the site. All kit except folding chair should be packed in a rucksack (65litre -80litre size recommended) / large holdall, and a day sack (c. 15litre). Roll mat may be secured to outside of bag / carried separately in case of need. It’s a good idea to put a bin bag or rubble sack in the rucksack first for extra waterproofing.

  • Sleeping bag (minimum 2 season) and optional travel pillow
  • Roll mat (foam or self-inflating)
  • Camp Blanket (optional – although for winter camps, blanket or second sleeping bag is required for warmth)
  • Warm hat AND sun hat (a warm hat is useful when sleeping in shelters even in summer)
  • Waterproof jacket AND trousers, and optional gaiters.
  • Warm jumpers/ hoodies / fleeces (at least 2 for weekend, 2 for winter weekend, 2-3 for week, including any worn to site)
  • T-shirts / shirts / thin long sleeved tops (at least 2 for weekend, 5-6 for week in addition to any worn to site)
  • Long trousers / jogging bottoms (in addition to pair worn to site, 1 more pair for w/e, 2 for week, + optional pair of shorts). Belt if needed.
  • In addition to walking shoes or boots worn to site, option to bring pair of trainers (although we encourage wearing walking shoes at all times). No open toe shoes (flip flops / crocs) please for safety.
  • Pyjamas (or additional t-shirt and shorts)
  • Underwear (in addition to underwear worn to site, pack 2 pairs for w/e, 6 for week)
  • Socks (in addition to pair worn to site, 2 pairs + optional 1-2 pairs hiking socks for w/e, 6 pairs plus optional 3-4 pairs hiking socks for week). When wearing walking boots we recommend wearing 2 pairs of socks – thin cotton pair under with thicker hiking socks over.
  • Personal wash kit (soap, shampoo, toothbrush & paste, comb / hairbrush, optional flannel)
  • Towel (microfibre towels are ideal as they pack small and dry quickly)
  • Plastic or enamal plate, bowl and mug, plus cutlery and tea towel in a bag
  • Water bottle
  • Torch with new batteries inserted, and spare set of batteries
  • Sun cream, optional insect repellent
  • Bag for dirty washing
  • Day sack (small rucksack c15litre)
  • Optional named folding penknife – hand into leader on arrival. No fixed blades.
  • Max £10 spending money in named envelope, bag or wallet – hand into leader on arrival
  • Any prescribed medicines in a named bag – hand into leader on arrival

Scouts should pack their own bags (so they know what they have brought!). Parent involvement is expected please to ensure scouts do not bring mobile phones, i-pads, electronic games or other electronic devices – these are easily damaged, dropped or soaked & we cannot take any responsibility for these items.


If you need to buy a chair, sleeping bag, rucksack or other outdoor equipment, many camping shops offer a c10% discount to scouts, on showing your group neckerchief. Folding chairs are also available from most large supermarkets and retailers such as Halfords, Robert Dyas.