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Follow Tegan’s WSJ2019 Journey on Facebook

WSJ2019: Tegan has set up a Facebook page to track her 24th World Scout Jamboree journey. You can follow her fundraising and preparation over the next 2 years.

Her speedy start has already gained her the Scout Fundraising Activity Badge – well done Tegan!

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Tegan Lewis: WSJ 2019 Selection Update

The selection process for the 24th World Scout Jamboree in North America in 2019 has been taking place in Hampshire over the last few months.

This process concluded with the selection weekend 2 weeks ago where over 300 Scouts and Explorers were tasked with undertaking a number of challenges and activities designed to determine their suitability to attend this huge event which only takes place every four years. The prospective participants found out only yesterday whether their applications were successful.

It is with great pleasure that I can tell you that Tegan Lewis has been selected as one of the 96 Scouts and Explorers from across Hampshire who will be attending this event. Tegan has held a long standing ambition to attend a World Jamboree and her selection is a massive personal achievement and a credit to her and to 1st Liss Scout Group.

She now has the hard task of raising funds for her trip and as her Scout Troop, we will be supporting her as much as possible.

For those under the age of eligibility for attendance in 2019 (most of the troop), there will be an opportunity to follow Tegan through this process and for you to apply in four years time for the 25th WSJ in 2023. As one of the pinnacle events in World Scouting the WSJ is the opportunity of a lifetime to experience new challenges, meet new people and to visit a new country.

Congratulations Tegan and best of luck for the next two years leading up to and embarking on this amazing experience.


Kernow 17 Arrival

Scouts and Leaders safely arrived around 1 O’clock. Tents all up before the rain kicked in. All getting nice and soggy in the summer weather!

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Patrol Leader Training Camp 2017

1st Liss Scouts embarked on our second camp of the year with a Patrol Leaders training camp, staying at a lovely little Scout site in South Harting . We had four Patrol Leaders and four APLs  in attendance and they worked as a single patrol rotating leadership over the weekend. Three leaders were on site to support, advise and drink tea as required.

Day 1

This challenging event focused on how to run a camp as a patrol. As such, the Scouts had to assess the site, set up all the tents, camp kitchen, first aid tent and flag. They were responsible for cooking all meals for themselves and leaders, cleaning up and maintaining a tidy site.

camp site

After lunch on the first day, there were a number of challenges including a blindfold team building activity, preparing for a campfire (wood, entertainment and building the fire) and some down time to relax. There was a nice little playground allowing the Scouts to have well earned break.

Then it was time to prepare and cook dinner – which involved the onion dicing challenge, with many and varied results! A dinner of Pasta Bolognese (or pasta with plain sauce, or no sauce) was followed by fruit, meringues and custard (or various parts of), washing up and preparing the camp kitchen for the night.

In the evening, campfire entertainment included several rounds of “chubby bunny” with varying degrees of success and terrible consequences for the marshmallows involved. Only Tim and Dan managed to successfully get more than one marshmallow in their mouths which probably tells you more about the Leaders than the Scouts.  In addition to this, we had some terrible comedy, slightly better singing, a couple of fun games and some slightly strange alternative acts. Much practice is needed on the camp fire entertainment.

camp firecamp fire

Day 2

The Scouts had a nice quiet night after all the hard work, a slightly fuzzy start then onto cooking breakfast, flag break and inspection. Scouts Own was interpreted as Scouts ‘own’ time to themselves to the bemusement of the leaders.

First challenge of the day was to sit down in their patrol leadership teams and list out all the equipment they might need to run a patrol camp themselves. Each patrol worked successfully to build a comprehensive list including several useful items not available on this camp.

packing up

More “playtime” in the park was followed by the hard work of starting to pack up kit, drying and packing tents, eating sweets and preparing lunch. After lunch, the Scouts cleared the camp kitchen and dismantle the camp. The final challenges were to clean the hall, kitchen and toilets which was achieved with mixed results, to perform a site sweep and then to repack the tents with the recently found pegs.  We sung “Happy Birthday” and the soon to be standard “1st Liss Scouts (Cbeebies) Happy Birthday song” to Tyler and gave her a lovely birthday cake!

Finally we closed the camp and headed home after a very brief but hopefully helpful and fun weekend. Many thanks to all the Scouts for making it a great weekend, and to Tim and Phil for locating the site, organising the programme, food and overall running of the camp.

PL Camp

Beavers Cubs Featured Fundraising Group Scouts

Barbecue fundraising

The Scout Group will be supporting the Liss Village Day at Newman Collard playing field 12 – 4.30pm on Saturday May 20th, the Greatham Festival 3.30pm – 9pm Saturday 1st July and the Liss Forest Fun Day 2 – 5pm Monday 28 August.

Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and parents, please visit the Fundraising section of the website to sign up for as many sessions as you can to lend a hand with setting up, cooking, serving and clearing away.

Featured Group Scouts

Good Morning!

Good morning! It is 00:10am Sunday 16th and myself and 3 other scouts are here on the scout link web chat server!

So far we have had people from all over: we have had Japan to Uruguay and lots of places in between!

For that past 1:13:00 mattew has been skypeing with some people from sweeden nonstop. He has shared some excellent singing and explained some games and is currently discussing hobbies.

A tent has been put up outside for any scouts that may be feeling a bit tired but, fingers crossed, we won’t have to use it!

We have also been live streaming and will be all night or day.. not sure really but be are to tune in if your still awake!


County Youth Conference

county-youth-conferenceOnce again members of the Group have taken part in the County Youth Conference.  This i
s a vitally important part of Scouting within the county.  The work of the County Youth team directly shapes the future of Scouting in Hampshire with this years plans unveiled at the County Leaders AGM later this year.

Scouting has always been a Youth-led movement and initiatives such as #youshape go right to the heart of what we do at al levels of Scouting.



2016/2017 Pro Badge Courses

About Pro-badge

Pro Badge is an Activity Badge Training Scheme, which uses the resources of the Solent Scout Training Centre, to the best advantage of the Cub Scouts, Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Scout Leaders. The scheme provides training for badges that require predominantly outdoor Scouting activity or natural resources.

Pro Badge allows Cub Scouts, Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Scouters from different Packs, Troops, Units and Groups to camp, learn, work and play together. The scheme will allow Scouts training opportunities that they would not otherwise have available to them.  Scouts from 1st Liss have attended Pro badge weekends for the past two years and have gained many badges they would not normally be able to do, or may wait a long time to do them.

The Courses are run at the Solent Scout Training centre which is at Shedfield, Southampton.  Each course runs over two nights which count towards the Nights Away totals for the Scouts.  The courses are directly booked by parents through the Pro-badge website.
This year the following courses are on offer:

21 – 23 October 2016      Chef

Create a menu, light your own fire and then cook several meals, but don’t forget the washing up afterwards. You can earn this badge twice in one weekend both outdoors and inside.

25 – 27 November 2016     Pioneer

Learn new knots and lashings and then put them into practise by building a large pioneer structure. Then you can make good use of them by climbing all over.

20 – 22 January 2017     Forester

Learn all about how different woodlands are managed and how to use an axe and saw. Learn to identify trees and how to transplant young trees.

The same weekend also sees…

Scouts Expedition Challenge Weekend 1

Enjoy two challenging and interesting cross country hikes using map and compass skills. You also need to complete a project about the area you are visiting.
This course takes two weekends to complete.
Minimum age 12 years OR 11 years if passed Navigator Stage 3.

17 – 19 February 2017  Scouts Navigator Stage 3

This badge is aimed at younger Scouts. The Scouts will learn about contours and map references amongst other things, they will also take part in a hike.

TBA March 2017 Scouts Expedition Challenge Weekend 2

The second weekend for this badge. Scouts will undertake a two day expedition which is held away from Lyons Copse, including a night away at a campsite.
Scouts Expedition Challenge Weekend 1 is a pre-requisite for Weekend 2.
Minimum age 12 years OR 11 years if passed Navigator Stage 3.

21 – 23 April 2017 Scouts Camper

Pitch your tent, camp under canvas for 2 nights, cook a meal and learn how to make various gadgets.
15 nights away under canvas as a Scout is required to achieve this badge, but it is not a pre-requisite to attending the course.

Also on the same weekend….

Scouts Survival Skills

Spend a night in the shelter you have built. Build a fire to keep yourself warm, learn what plants are safe to eat and how to skin a rabbit.
Minimum age twelve years old.



Expedition Camp Day 1

The first day of expedition camp is over! Expedition camp is weekend of either hiking or cycling, the hikers hike on Saturday and Sunday and return to Ferny Crofts (the ‘base’ camp) on Saturday for the next hike on Sunday. The cycle which is what we took part in is where you cycle for 4 ish hours on Saturday and sleep at Braggers Wood campsite to return on the Sunday after a similar cycle back. Expedition camp is also mainly so scouts can achieve the Expedition Challenge Award.

Over all the first day of Cycling was well, incredibly rainy. We started out and it was fairly sunny and didn’t look like rain but later on it was obvious that it wasn’t going to stay dry for much longer. And sure enough, we got to lunch time and it began to rain. Given a few minuets it was hammering it down and it showed no sigh of stopping. Just under half the ride later, we arrived at the campsite hut in which we would be staying the night however, just before we arrived, half way down the hill where the campsite is situated, a few people crashed due to the slippery road which left some people in not the finest of moods .

This didn’t last long however as the hut warmed up incredibly fast due the many electric radiators. This meant that we could dry off all our cycling gear and get warm. We had battered sausage and chips for dinner after and before a few games of ‘intensive’ pool games.




#Youshape for Scouts

What makes Scouts different from all the other clubs and activities out there?


Quite simply the Scouts do.  It’s one of our founding principles from when Scouting first started that our Young People have a voice.  With that voice comes responsibility, leadership, integrity and all the other good things we do as Scouts.

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It’s not often appreciated that the Scouts set their own programme, rules and standards.  It really is a youth shaped movement.  We have a special name for it.  We call it ‘Youth Shaped’ Scouting.  in todays always on, fast moving world that comes out as #youshape  If you have Twitter look it up here.  It’s not just a local thing, in Scout Patrols, Trools, Districts or Counties.  #Youshape can be an international thing.

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It can be about something you want to do….

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Something we’ve done…..

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But whatever it is….it’s youth led.

#youshape weekend

#Youshape is massive, the Leaders have been to various presentations about it.  Now it’s the turn of our young people….  On Saturday 6th February there will be an online #YouShape event to find out what our young people want, to hear what they need and how we can best give them what they require from Scouting.

It’s not just hot air….  there are important decisions to be made….

Fancy choosing the next iScout t-shirt design from ? Choose your favourite from the 6 below!!





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So how do we take part in the event?

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See you all there!