Cubs Clean loos and transform into Characters!!

Well! The things we do for fun!! Last week our cubs were challenged to clean their loos in their houses and transform them into a character. Believe it or not this did tick off some different parts of badges!

We were very impressed with the imaginations of our cubs and indeed some of their parents! Take a look at our Loo Character Gallery to get your inspiration!


Cubs @ Home – April 2020

Although meetings are currently suspended, the cubs have been taking part in activities at home. This included gardening, helping at home and taking part in the walk to the moon. Here are some photos we have been sent.


Home Help

Walk to the Moon


Camp @ Home, your photos

Lots of great photos from all around Liss, with Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and quite a few parents sleeping inside and out at home, together with our friends from 5th Worchester.


Cub Camp – Day 5

Last campfire of the week. So far we have been lucky and dodged the rain.

We invested 2 new Cubs today, after that they went swimming, so they now have an even distribution of dirt over them. They have also been on the low ropes and finishing off their robots.

Please remember to come and take your Cub home at 12:00.


Cub Camp – Day 4

Canoeing, Kayaking, Camp Fire and rain.

Sorry, it’s short, very tired.

Cubs Featured

Cub Camp Day 2 – Settling In

Tonights blog post is brought to you by the young leaders who clearly are not being worked hard enough!

We were aroused early by the sound of local wildlife and the harmonious singing of the indigenous birds. After the deafening cacophony, we slowing dragged ourselves from the warmth of our makeshift abodes, beginning the dreary trudge to the main tent. Wiping our eyes of sleep, we were met by our local guide who had prepared a large and bountiful meal which was made from the finest local produce.

After our large feast, the pack was rallied as they were informed of an early morning tent inspection, during which time the heavens opened in the form of a slight drizzle, it was as if the sky was falling.

The subsequent rush to prepare for the day’s adventures caused some to realise they had left behind vital supplies however with the cooperation of the natives, the supplies were temporarily replaced in a good natured trade – improving prospects of future relations.

The pack then received a care package of high sugar rations, distributed by the natives, to improve their physical prowess during the days upcoming challenges; the gladiator challenge and king’s sport (locally known as ‘AeroBall’).

Following the first set of trials, the heroic pack returned to base camp where they feasted on lunch fit for an adventurer. After this brief interlude, they returned to the challenge which they had not yet come across.

Upon their return some members of the pack, guided by the natives, constructed makeshift shelters in the local fashion. After a second sugary ration, the constructions were finished and so too were the clay models.

Following this, the pack retired to the main tent for the day’s final meal – tuna pasta – made from freshly brought Ikea tuna and a tomato sauce. With this last burst of energy, they went on a tour of the local area before settling down in front of the roaring fire with a warm hot chocolate.

They now retire to their shelters to replenish their energy stores in time for tomorrow’s adventures.

But seriously, it’s been a good day at camp and everyone is enjoying themselves.

Love and hugs the young leaders.


Cub Camp – Day 1

Everybody has arrived and settled into the camp. Tonight’s delight pasta and bolognese sauce which all the Cubs tucked into with relish.The Cubs have been helping set up the camp, moving all the food and playing games.Not many photos today, all the leaders were a bit busy.A view of the camp from the the dining shelter.Acorns car was a little bit full of food for the camp, this is just for the first 3 days.


Summer Camp – Day 7

The weather on the last night of camping with the Cubs was so warm that we decided to let them sleep under the stars with the sides of their tents tolled up.

This evening, the camp site is much quieter place as we said goodbye to the Cubs at lunch time. The Scouts are staying on for an extra day for a final camp fire, break down the camp and a last visit to the camp tuck shop.1

The wall of Irn Bru (aka Leaders Fuel) tins in the kitchen was completed a couple of days agoll sa at the end everyone gained from the expereience this week.

This will be the last post from the Camp as we all head home on Saturday for some well earned rest back to work. But more importantly a decent shower with no spiders.


Summer Camp – Day 3

The scouts are really getting into the swing of camp now. Still a bit of rain this morning, but by this afternoon it was warm enough to break out the ice pops.

The Scouts have been making camp gadgets and set up their field kitchen, tonight was their first self cooked meal.

The cubs did there first Crystal Maze challenges and then went on a hike in the afternoon.

Mean while the leaders are barricading themselves in the kitchen with tins of empty Irn Bru.

Beavers Cubs Featured Fundraising Group Scouts

Barbecue fundraising

The Scout Group will be supporting the Liss Village Day at Newman Collard playing field 12 – 4.30pm on Saturday May 20th, the Greatham Festival 3.30pm – 9pm Saturday 1st July and the Liss Forest Fun Day 2 – 5pm Monday 28 August.

Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and parents, please visit the Fundraising section of the website to sign up for as many sessions as you can to lend a hand with setting up, cooking, serving and clearing away.