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Good Morning!

Good morning! It is 00:10am Sunday 16th and myself and 3 other scouts are here on the scout link web chat server!

So far we have had people from all over: we have had Japan to Uruguay and lots of places in between!

For that past 1:13:00 mattew has been skypeing with some people from sweeden nonstop. He has shared some excellent singing and explained some games and is currently discussing hobbies.

A tent has been put up outside for any scouts that may be feeling a bit tired but, fingers crossed, we won’t have to use it!

We have also been live streaming and will be all night or day.. not sure really but be are to tune in if your still awake!

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Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI)

Scout Jamboree on the Internet at Liss!

1st Liss Beavers, Cubs and Scouts will be taking part in the 23rd Jamboree on the Internet over the 18/19th October.  This is a real Jamboree of over 1 million Scouts worldwide in a specially set up, and monitored chat room online over the internet.  We have been very fortunate to be able to have some PC’s on loan and with the help of two dads have set up our very own internet café in the hut.

The Beavers and Cubs will be attending over the day, with the Scouts taking on the night shift in this 24 hour Global event.  Hopefully we will then be able to make contact with Beavers in Australia and Cubs in America…..  except in those countries they are not called Beavers or Cubs….


As part of the weekend we will be completing two very unusual ‘Bingo’ cards.  The first is for countries (I bet you never see that at Gala) and the second is a traditional number one using secret Jamboree ID codes obtained by chatting with people worldwide.  Already we have contacts building from as far away as Cuba!


1st Liss Scouts would like to challenge the world to building a human pyramid!  Here’s what we have done….  can you do any better?  Can you do a row from each section from your Group?  A Leaders row maybe and before you ask out hut isn’t tall enough!

Challenge 2

Contact us online over the JOTI weekend for our Jamboree e-mail address and we can put some of your photos  up here.  Our station name is LissUK.


For further information about Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) or it’s older cousin Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) have a look here.

To find out about our fabulous village in the South of England have a look here.