Scout Forms and kit lists

All the Scout Forms and kit lists can now be found here.

Signing up for Scout events now takes place via the links I e-mail out to all parents.  You can also sign up by clicking on ‘Events’ on your personalised ‘My Scout’ pages.  If you need a reminder of either please contact me using the ‘Contact us‘ page.


Record update form

This form is needed for all new joiners.  All current Scouts will be required to update it at least once a year.


Scouts subs

Letter explaining our subs, and for paying it in.


Winter Camp Kit List

For the ‘Blue Noses’ amongst us, here’s the Winter Camp kit list.  Read it carefully as if you don’t have the required kit you wont be going….


Survival Camp Kit List

It’s a survival camp….You don’t need loads of kit!