14 Jun 2018

Funday 2018 was no less exciting than all the previous ones that we have attended. With 16 Beavers and 2 Cubs, this was one of the largest groups we have taken.
These pictures are in chronological order of events which is why they jump around a bit when we were in 2 groups.
Our Beavers were fearless again and climbing to new heights, the photos just do not do justice to quite how high up some of the Beavers climbed.

19 Nov 2017

We spent the night away with our good friends from 1st Petersfield at the Gilbert White Field Study Centre at Selborne. We love going there, not only is there a fantastic wildlife themed programme but the Beavers get to sleep in a 500 year old barn, with underfloor heating, great when the outside temperature is only 1C.
Here are photos of some of the activities that we got up to in our time at the barn.

14 Jun 2017

Sunday was Funday for Liss Beavers who visited National Scout HQ at Gilwell Park. We could not have had a better day for the activities, the weather was great and the queues were short so no waiting around.
Most of our Beavers had a go at abseiling and climbing and there is at least one picture of your child in this collection.

22 May 2017

1st Liss Scouts embarked on our second camp of the year with a Patrol Leaders training camp, staying at a lovely little Scout site in South Harting . We had four Patrol Leaders and four APLs  in attendance and they worked as a single patrol rotating leadership over the weekend. Three leaders were on site to support, advise and drink tea as required.
Day 1
This challenging event focused on how to run a camp as a patrol. As such, the Scouts had to assess the site, set up all the tents, camp kitchen, first aid …

21 May 2017

Last weekend, Liss Beavers joined up with Petersfield Beavers for a sleepover in Chichester. This was the first time we have tried an outside sleepover in tents so it was new experience for Beavers and Leaders alike.
In the space of 24 hours we managed to pack in an amazing mount at our space camp and all the Beavers graduated as Beaver Astronauts. We had an astronaut agility test, walked to the Chichester Planetarium, chilled out in tent, cooked marshmallows around the camp fire and fired water bottle rockets.

16 Jul 2016

The Beavers ended the summer term with the traditional water fight against the Scouts, no one knows who won but the  football pitch was well watered and everyone got a hot dog at the end of the day.

22 Jun 2016

The 2016 Beaver Funday at Gilwell Park will go down as one of the more muddier ones we been to, just preparing the Beavers for 4 years time when they will go to Winter Camp with the Scouts.
Although Gilwell was packing with 4,500 Beavers, Cubs, Rainbows and Brownies we still managed to fit is quite a but with all the Beavers going abseiling, examining animals, eating camp food and building Rolls Royce rockets. The thrill seeking Beavers decided to try their hand at the zip wire, (unfortunately the giant death slide …

18 Oct 2015

After 24 hours the door of the cyber cafe finally had to close and the scouts went home after the night shift. We have made many new friends across the scouting world and are still totting up the country’s we talked to.

Our website was visited by quite a few of the people we talked so they could see the picture feed from the Cyber Cafe as you can see from the picture on the right.
We did have some help getting the Internet into the hut from our neighbours via a …