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During June, the 1st Liss Beavers are exploring the village. We have 17 questions that will take you all over the village.

We thought it would be a good idea to let everyone have a go. There are no prizes other than the satisfaction of going for a walk through our village and finding the answers.

We will publish all the answers on our webform 6 Jul, but if you can’t wait you can enter them in our online form and we will let you know if they are right.

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Cub Camp Day 2 – Settling In

Tonights blog post is brought to you by the young leaders who clearly are not being worked hard enough!

We were aroused early by the sound of local wildlife and the harmonious singing of the indigenous birds. After the deafening cacophony, we slowing dragged ourselves from the warmth of our makeshift abodes, beginning the dreary trudge to the main tent. Wiping our eyes of sleep, we were met by our local guide who had prepared a large and bountiful meal which was made from the finest local produce.

After our large feast, the pack was rallied as they were informed of an early morning tent inspection, during which time the heavens opened in the form of a slight drizzle, it was as if the sky was falling.

The subsequent rush to prepare for the day’s adventures caused some to realise they had left behind vital supplies however with the cooperation of the natives, the supplies were temporarily replaced in a good natured trade – improving prospects of future relations.

The pack then received a care package of high sugar rations, distributed by the natives, to improve their physical prowess during the days upcoming challenges; the gladiator challenge and king’s sport (locally known as ‘AeroBall’).

Following the first set of trials, the heroic pack returned to base camp where they feasted on lunch fit for an adventurer. After this brief interlude, they returned to the challenge which they had not yet come across.

Upon their return some members of the pack, guided by the natives, constructed makeshift shelters in the local fashion. After a second sugary ration, the constructions were finished and so too were the clay models.

Following this, the pack retired to the main tent for the day’s final meal – tuna pasta – made from freshly brought Ikea tuna and a tomato sauce. With this last burst of energy, they went on a tour of the local area before settling down in front of the roaring fire with a warm hot chocolate.

They now retire to their shelters to replenish their energy stores in time for tomorrow’s adventures.

But seriously, it’s been a good day at camp and everyone is enjoying themselves.

Love and hugs the young leaders.

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Liss Forest Fun Day

Our next fundraiser is the barbecue stall at the Liss Forest Fun Day.  The Fun Day takes place 2-5pm at Liss Forest Recreation Ground Monday 27th August.  Volunteers to help please sign up on the Fundraising page (link in menu bar above).

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So, how does one become a Scout Leader?

The best unpaid job in the world

This is a quick guide to how to become a scout leader in our group. But essentially the process is the same for all groups in the UK.

Working with Scouts in all the sections is hugely rewarding and you will be joining a well established and managed team at 1st Liss.

Step 1 – Is scouting for you?

Decide on your motivations. Why do you want to be involved Scouting? How much free time do you have to give to Scouting (don’t worry if you don’t have much – there are roles to suit you however much or little free time you can spend Scouting!)? Do you have any special skills? What do you expect in return?

The answer to these questions shouldn’t put you off: Scouting has many many roles to suit you whoever you are and whatever your skills, interests and however much time you have to volunteer!

Step 2 – Which age group do you want to work with

Which section/age group would you prefer to work with?

  • Beavers: 6-8 years old
  • Cubs: 8-10½ years old
  • Scouts: 10½-14 years old
  • Explorers: 14-18 years old
  • None of the above – there are many non-Leader roles in Scouting too, including becoming part of an Active Support Unit

Each Section has their own specific needs and different people are better suited to different Sections – and you can always move between Sections at a later date if you change your mind!

Step 3 – Contacting Us

So you now know why you want to volunteer as a Scout Leader and have an idea about which section(s) you want to volunteer with. Now you need to contact your local Scouting!

There are a multitude of ways to do this if you would like to volunteer with 1st Liss you can use our Membership Enquiry Form and select Adult Role. Or you can fill in a form at instead to be put in contact with your local group.

Step 4 – Initial Meeting

Once you have contacted us or your local Scouting representatives, you will usually be contacted back pretty quickly.

We will want to meet you to discuss the role you want to undertake and you may want to visit different sections to meet the teams and see the programme they run.

Step 5 – Paperwork

Once everyone is happy with your role, you will need to complete a Adult information form (including details of referees) and we will arrange an Enhanced DBS check; this is because Leaders and other Adult Members may have unsupervised access to young people, and safety comes first!

Shortly after this has been completed, you should be able to start volunteering!

Step 6 – Appointment

Once all the forms are complete and returned, there is one final administrative step (though you can start volunteering before this step is completed). This is the Appointments Advisory Committee – and it’s not as scary as it sounds! Your Scouting “line manager” will explain this to you before it your appointment, but it is usually a short discussion with other people involved in local Scouting to ensure that everyone (including you!) are happy with the role you are doing.

Step 7 – Training

By now, you are involved in Scouting and hopefully very much enjoying it! But in order to move your appointment from “provisional” to “full”, there is one final step to take within your first five months.

As Scouting is committed to ensuring that both our Adult and Youth Members are safe, there are three compulsory “Getting Started” training modules which can be completed online and validated by a Training Advisor who will be assigned to you.:

  • Module 1 – Essential Information
  • Module 2 – Personal Learning Plan
  • Module 3 – Tools for the Job

Step 8 – Your in

Congratulations! You are now a full Adult Member in Scouting!

I promise that it isn’t as arduous as it sounds!

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Barbecue fundraising

The Scout Group will be supporting the Liss Village Day at Newman Collard playing field 12 – 4.30pm on Saturday May 20th, the Greatham Festival 3.30pm – 9pm Saturday 1st July and the Liss Forest Fun Day 2 – 5pm Monday 28 August.

Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and parents, please visit the Fundraising section of the website to sign up for as many sessions as you can to lend a hand with setting up, cooking, serving and clearing away.

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Good Morning!

Good morning! It is 00:10am Sunday 16th and myself and 3 other scouts are here on the scout link web chat server!

So far we have had people from all over: we have had Japan to Uruguay and lots of places in between!

For that past 1:13:00 mattew has been skypeing with some people from sweeden nonstop. He has shared some excellent singing and explained some games and is currently discussing hobbies.

A tent has been put up outside for any scouts that may be feeling a bit tired but, fingers crossed, we won’t have to use it!

We have also been live streaming and will be all night or day.. not sure really but be are to tune in if your still awake!

Featured Fundraising Group

Liss Forest Fun Day

Liss Forest Fun Day takes place on Bank Holiday Monday 29 August, 2pm – 5pm at Liss Forest recreation ground.   There will be lots of stalls, and fun and games for all the family.

The Scout Group has been invited to provide the barbecue, which should be a good fundraising opportunity for us.  Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and parents please sign up for a slot or two to help with setting up, cooking, serving and clearing away, so we can support the Fun Day organisers making the event a success.  The sign up sheet is on the ‘Fundraising – Volunteers Needed’ page of the website.