Beaver Badges

Core Badges

Membership Awared

This badge is worn by all members of the Scout Association across the world. The badge is awarded when a Beaver Scout understand the commitment that they are making when they make their Promise and become Members of the Movement and the Beaver Scout section.

 Joining In Award

The Joining-in badges recognise a commitment to Scouting. They celebrate the anniversary of a Beaver Scout participating in a Balanced Programme. A Beaver joining on their 6th birthday and moving on to Cubs on thier 8th birthday can earn 2.

Moving on Award

This award is presented to a Beaver Scout when he or she is invested into the Cub Scout Pack. The Investiture should take place on their first official meeting as a Cub Scout.

Activity Badges

These badges are awarded when Beaver Scouts complete an activity. There are 12 activity badges to complete, for example: hobbies, imagination, scientific experiments and animal friend. Some activity badges are sponsored by organisations outside Scouting, allowing leaders to draw on a wealth of resources to provide up to date and relevant information and activities for Beaver Scouts to do. We aim to do about 3 activity badges per term so every Beaver should be able to achieve all these badges during the 2 years they are in the section.

 Staged Activity Badges

These awards help to enhance the balanced programme and the young person’s skills. Each stage develops the previously learnt skills in that particular category. Young people can work on these throughout each section. Outside achievements can be used to count towards these badges. Some of the badges can be done at home, see the Badges I can so at Home page for more details.

Partnership Badges

These awards help to enhance the balanced programme. They encourage the section to link up with another section within scouting or outside scouting, to work together on a project that will help other people.

 Challenge Badges

These awards are achieved following the Beaver Scout undergoing a series of challenges. These can be done as part of several activity badges and outside scouting. We aim to work through the reaquirements for one of these badges during each term so it is possible for a Beaver to be awarded all 6 if they are in the colony for 2 years.

The Chief Scouts Bronze Award

The Chief Scout Bronze Award is the highest award a Beaver Scout can achieve. They must hold all 6 challenge badges prior to its attainment. The programme is designed in such a way that a Beaver Scout starting at the minimum age working through the activities should have no problems achieving this award. However, if a Beaver Scout has not quite completed the requirements for this award when they move up to the Cub Scout Pack, they may complete it in their first few weeks in the Pack.