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Cub Camp Day 2 – Settling In

Tonights blog post is brought to you by the young leaders who clearly are not being worked hard enough!

We were aroused early by the sound of local wildlife and the harmonious singing of the indigenous birds. After the deafening cacophony, we slowing dragged ourselves from the warmth of our makeshift abodes, beginning the dreary trudge to the main tent. Wiping our eyes of sleep, we were met by our local guide who had prepared a large and bountiful meal which was made from the finest local produce.

After our large feast, the pack was rallied as they were informed of an early morning tent inspection, during which time the heavens opened in the form of a slight drizzle, it was as if the sky was falling.

The subsequent rush to prepare for the day’s adventures caused some to realise they had left behind vital supplies however with the cooperation of the natives, the supplies were temporarily replaced in a good natured trade – improving prospects of future relations.

The pack then received a care package of high sugar rations, distributed by the natives, to improve their physical prowess during the days upcoming challenges; the gladiator challenge and king’s sport (locally known as ‘AeroBall’).

Following the first set of trials, the heroic pack returned to base camp where they feasted on lunch fit for an adventurer. After this brief interlude, they returned to the challenge which they had not yet come across.

Upon their return some members of the pack, guided by the natives, constructed makeshift shelters in the local fashion. After a second sugary ration, the constructions were finished and so too were the clay models.

Following this, the pack retired to the main tent for the day’s final meal – tuna pasta – made from freshly brought Ikea tuna and a tomato sauce. With this last burst of energy, they went on a tour of the local area before settling down in front of the roaring fire with a warm hot chocolate.

They now retire to their shelters to replenish their energy stores in time for tomorrow’s adventures.

But seriously, it’s been a good day at camp and everyone is enjoying themselves.

Love and hugs the young leaders.

Featured Group Scouts

Good Morning!

Good morning! It is 00:10am Sunday 16th and myself and 3 other scouts are here on the scout link web chat server!

So far we have had people from all over: we have had Japan to Uruguay and lots of places in between!

For that past 1:13:00 mattew has been skypeing with some people from sweeden nonstop. He has shared some excellent singing and explained some games and is currently discussing hobbies.

A tent has been put up outside for any scouts that may be feeling a bit tired but, fingers crossed, we won’t have to use it!

We have also been live streaming and will be all night or day.. not sure really but be are to tune in if your still awake!


Expedition Camp Day 1

The first day of expedition camp is over! Expedition camp is weekend of either hiking or cycling, the hikers hike on Saturday and Sunday and return to Ferny Crofts (the ‘base’ camp) on Saturday for the next hike on Sunday. The cycle which is what we took part in is where you cycle for 4 ish hours on Saturday and sleep at Braggers Wood campsite to return on the Sunday after a similar cycle back. Expedition camp is also mainly so scouts can achieve the Expedition Challenge Award.

Over all the first day of Cycling was well, incredibly rainy. We started out and it was fairly sunny and didn’t look like rain but later on it was obvious that it wasn’t going to stay dry for much longer. And sure enough, we got to lunch time and it began to rain. Given a few minuets it was hammering it down and it showed no sigh of stopping. Just under half the ride later, we arrived at the campsite hut in which we would be staying the night however, just before we arrived, half way down the hill where the campsite is situated, a few people crashed due to the slippery road which left some people in not the finest of moods .

This didn’t last long however as the hut warmed up incredibly fast due the many electric radiators. This meant that we could dry off all our cycling gear and get warm. We had battered sausage and chips for dinner after and before a few games of ‘intensive’ pool games.