Cub Camp – Day 5

Today the Cubs have been right to the top of the climbing tower and crate stacking the record of 18 crates Hallam and Jack.

After dinner the Cubs went to Hathi’s ‘Special’ tuck shop.

Please remember to pick your Cubs at 2pm.



Cup Camp – Day 4

Today the weather has finally broken and we have had little rain today.  The Scouts have been on a 10K walk while the Cubs swung like monkeys round the adventure trail and then had some target practice with Baggy. 

After a quick water stop they then diScovered the campsite.

The scouts demonstrated how to gut fish and the Cubs tried a lucky dip in the guts. 


Cub Camp – Day 3

The rain stayed off almost all of the day. Everyone clocked up well over their 10,000 steps circumnavigating Brownsea Island.

The Cubs were harassed by hungry peacocks and visited the site of the first scout camp in 1907.

On return to shore the shipmates visited an iconic restaurant chain on the way back to camp.



Cub Camp – Day 2 1/2

The life jackets were not needed last night and everyone survived through the night of torrential rain without a problem. Although there is some damp gear it’s nothing we can’t cope with.

Today we have set sail for Brownsea island.


Cub Camp – Day 2

The ship mates have been issued with life jackets as they sertle down for the night and a south westernly storm lashes the ship.

Everyone took to their bunks early.with minimal sea sickness. 

Having eaten a hearty breakfast, the ship mates have been out on building bridges and low ropes today. Tomorrow we set sail for Brownsea island.

As it was Baden Powell’s is world scalf day. Akela had 4 on.


Cub Camp – Day 1

Arrrrrr it be a good day at Pirate Camp with the shipmates setting in to a life of conscription. Donations of victuals were gladley accepted.

The Cubs have been on a tour of the camp and had dinner and will soon be settling down to coco around the camp fire.

Tomorrow storms be forecast so we will be batternine down the hatches in the morning.


Beaver Sleepover 2015

After only 4 hours since being dropped off the Beaver have fitted alot in. So far we have made space ships, gone star gazing, played in the woods in the dark, sung round a campfire, eaten hotdogs and birthday cake. The Beavers are now all watching a movie in their onesies. Midnight snacks still to go.

You will be glad to know no-one has mentioned missing home.

The next morning

Quite a few Beavers dropped off during the film and all were at least in their rooms by 11, after the last one fell asleep all was quiet until 7 the next morning.

Sunday morning was just as active as the previous evening. With tummies full of bacon and eggy bread, we played parachute games, went on a treasure hunt, built a rocket and got dressed up as spacemen.

Finally, badges were given out to everyone with William W being presented with the Chief Scouts Bronze Award and swimming up to Cubs.