Liss in 3 Words

We would like to share one of the activities our youth members are doing during the Easter holidays with the rest of the Liss community.

What 3 Words is a smartphone application that divides the world into 3m squares and each square is given a unique combination of three words. What 3 Words can be used by the emergency services to give them your location and is more accurate than road names or trying to describe where you are meaning help will be on the way faster.

Using the App visit each of the locations and find the clue to the secret location. Please don’t post the secret location on social media as it might spoil the activity for other users. We will post the answer on this page on 19 April.

This is a fun activity that you are taking part in at your own risk. Please ensure that you take the normal precautions that would take if you were out for a walk with your family. 1st Liss Scout Group accept no responsibility for loss or injury.

There is no prize, other than the pleasure of taking part and completing the challenge.

After you have completed the challenge you can upload a photo of you at the final location and we may publish it on our website. Just follow this link. Dropbox.