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Beaver Sleepover – Nov 19 (Photos)

The Autumn Beaver sleepover was a huge success with 18 Beavers spending the night way at Petersfield District Guide HQ. The theme of the sleepover was Master Chef and after arriving mid-afternoon, the Beavers soon git stuck into the task of making up their shopping lists and heading off to Tesco with a fist full of money to buy their ingredients.

We started cooking our 3-course dinner just after 5 pm and the Beavers worked in small groups to make cheesy nachos, chicken and cheese burritos and cookie dough pizzas. While some Beavers were a little excited at the prospect of spending the night in a sleeping bag and wanted to bed down early, the rest got on an cooked the whole meal, with a little help from the leaders.

After dinner and washing up, the Beavers settled down to watch a movie in their sleeping bags. Most of the Beavers were asleep by 10:30 but there was a hardcore of those that wanted to stay up as late as they could, (same group that wanted to go to bed early strangely enough). The leaders finally got to go to bed at 1am when the final Beaver gave up the fight to stay awake; it did give us enough time to start planning the next sleepover)!

Sunday morning started a bit later than planned and after tidying all the sleeping kit away we got stuck into breakfast, introducing the Beavers into eating Coco Pops straight out of the box, to save on washing up.

On the whole a good sleepover with no less than 10 Beavers spending their first night away, and everybody being awarded the Cooks badge.