Beavers Group Photos

Damboree 2019

This year we took part in our second Damboree at Stedham with 7 Liss Beavers staying overnight and a couple of day visitors on Saturday. We joined in with Partersfield, Sheet and Harting Beaver Colonies and had 50 Beavers staying overnight and another 15 visiting during the day.

We were fortunate with the weather again, warm during the day and not too cold at night and were able to try out lots of scouting skills and work towards challenge badges.

Hopefully, some of these photos will give you an idea of what we got up to over the weekend.

Many thanks to Mango, Chestnut, Emily (Flip) and Laura (Flop) for giving up their weekend to help out.

Save the date 3-5 Jul 2020 for next years Damboree, we are already planning it.