Winter Camp Day 2

So we made it through the camp with a mix of subzero temperatures and frozen ground followed by drizzly rain and a rise in the temperature and finished with wind and glorious sunshine. Can’t beat the English weather for variation!

Saturday continued our outdoor activities with some pioneering, building an entrance gate to our site, some axe and saw instruction for our oldest Scouts and then a nice soggy hike through the woods in the afternoon.

Our evening campfire plans were scuppered by the weather but we recovered by having a fun evening of activities in the nice, warm building next to our tents. Our A4 challenges (trying to complete a number of tasks with sheets of paper was a success with paper airplanes flying the length of the hall, Scouts drinking water from a sheet of A4 and James spanning the length of the Hall with a single sheet of paper.

This was followed by an attempt to construct Pringle Ringles (see below). However, using cheaper not quite so curly fake Pringles failed spectacularly but Matt saved the day with his personal supply of the genuine article and constructed a fine free standing sculpture.

He was very proud of his achievement and even let Olaf in on the celebration!

We finished the evening with s’mores (and fake Pringles), a few laughs and headed off to bed.

Sunday weather was fantastic, with clear blue sky, sunshine and enough wind to dry out all our tents – saving the leaders from having to hang them all in the hut when we got back. The Scouts did an amazing job tidying and packing the site away and Tristan even did some washing up without moaning.

Finally, we have added “Foldable”, “Humphrey” and “Fairy Liquid” (his choice!) to our illustrious list of silly nicknames.

Well done to all of the Scouts on behalf of Mr Orange (Marcus), Matt the Map, Gruffalo (Tim) and myself for making Liss Winter Camp 2018 an awesome weekend.