Cub Camp 17 Day Three

Long hard day for everyone today with some challenging weather, but the Cubs coped very well.

Hathi’s (my) birthday today so clearly a big celebration with lots of impolite comments about my age!

Cubs had quiet morning after a very good nights sleep, weather was pleasant and calm. We headed off site (about a 40 minute hike) for canoeing where the Cubs shared open canoes and spent their time either in the canoe or in the water.

The weather the closed in and we had to walk back to site in heavy rain. Afternoon activities were changed to suit the weather, and a great deal of Top Trumps, singing songs and eating cake took place.

As the rain refused to stop, we moved into the wooden hut at our site for dinner (among the drying clothes!) followed by more games and a bit of Harry Potter audiobook.

The Cubs all went to bed just as the rain started to calm down and are all dry and warm in their tents.

Lots of water, lots of adventure, lots of wet clothes and lots of fun – a pretty average day on Cub Camp!!!!