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Patrol Leader Training Camp 2017

1st Liss Scouts embarked on our second camp of the year with a Patrol Leaders training camp, staying at a lovely little Scout site in South Harting . We had four Patrol Leaders and four APLs  in attendance and they worked as a single patrol rotating leadership over the weekend. Three leaders were on site to support, advise and drink tea as required.

Day 1

This challenging event focused on how to run a camp as a patrol. As such, the Scouts had to assess the site, set up all the tents, camp kitchen, first aid tent and flag. They were responsible for cooking all meals for themselves and leaders, cleaning up and maintaining a tidy site.

camp site

After lunch on the first day, there were a number of challenges including a blindfold team building activity, preparing for a campfire (wood, entertainment and building the fire) and some down time to relax. There was a nice little playground allowing the Scouts to have well earned break.

Then it was time to prepare and cook dinner – which involved the onion dicing challenge, with many and varied results! A dinner of Pasta Bolognese (or pasta with plain sauce, or no sauce) was followed by fruit, meringues and custard (or various parts of), washing up and preparing the camp kitchen for the night.

In the evening, campfire entertainment included several rounds of “chubby bunny” with varying degrees of success and terrible consequences for the marshmallows involved. Only Tim and Dan managed to successfully get more than one marshmallow in their mouths which probably tells you more about the Leaders than the Scouts.  In addition to this, we had some terrible comedy, slightly better singing, a couple of fun games and some slightly strange alternative acts. Much practice is needed on the camp fire entertainment.

camp firecamp fire

Day 2

The Scouts had a nice quiet night after all the hard work, a slightly fuzzy start then onto cooking breakfast, flag break and inspection. Scouts Own was interpreted as Scouts ‘own’ time to themselves to the bemusement of the leaders.

First challenge of the day was to sit down in their patrol leadership teams and list out all the equipment they might need to run a patrol camp themselves. Each patrol worked successfully to build a comprehensive list including several useful items not available on this camp.

packing up

More “playtime” in the park was followed by the hard work of starting to pack up kit, drying and packing tents, eating sweets and preparing lunch. After lunch, the Scouts cleared the camp kitchen and dismantle the camp. The final challenges were to clean the hall, kitchen and toilets which was achieved with mixed results, to perform a site sweep and then to repack the tents with the recently found pegs.  We sung “Happy Birthday” and the soon to be standard “1st Liss Scouts (Cbeebies) Happy Birthday song” to Tyler and gave her a lovely birthday cake!

Finally we closed the camp and headed home after a very brief but hopefully helpful and fun weekend. Many thanks to all the Scouts for making it a great weekend, and to Tim and Phil for locating the site, organising the programme, food and overall running of the camp.

PL Camp