Scouts Digital Maker badge

We now have our own correspondent within Scouts reporting back what we actually do.  Archie has volunteered to put up the occasional post as part of his Digital Maker badge.  This is a staged activity badge which sits very comfortably with his knowledge of all things computers!  The badge is staged from very basic to mindblowing, and as leaders we can’t be expected to be experts in everything.  In fact for most things we have enough knowledge to ‘get by’ which is why it’s incredibly important we use the experts we have, whatever age they are!

At Scouts we firmly believe that we are a youth let movement and that the Scouts should be doing as much as possible.  It’s not just the climbing, canoeing and so on, its the day to day running of things too.  We call it #youshape and throughout the year there are special events to celebrate this.