#Youshape for Scouts

What makes Scouts different from all the other clubs and activities out there?


Quite simply the Scouts do.  It’s one of our founding principles from when Scouting first started that our Young People have a voice.  With that voice comes responsibility, leadership, integrity and all the other good things we do as Scouts.

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It’s not often appreciated that the Scouts set their own programme, rules and standards.  It really is a youth shaped movement.  We have a special name for it.  We call it ‘Youth Shaped’ Scouting.  in todays always on, fast moving world that comes out as #youshape  If you have Twitter look it up here.  It’s not just a local thing, in Scout Patrols, Trools, Districts or Counties.  #Youshape can be an international thing.

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It can be about something you want to do….

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Something we’ve done…..

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But whatever it is….it’s youth led.

#youshape weekend

#Youshape is massive, the Leaders have been to various presentations about it.  Now it’s the turn of our young people….  On Saturday 6th February there will be an online #YouShape event to find out what our young people want, to hear what they need and how we can best give them what they require from Scouting.

It’s not just hot air….  there are important decisions to be made….

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So how do we take part in the event?

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See you all there!