Ugandan Leader Visits Liss

On Friday the scouts had a visit from a Ugandan scout leader. Mahudi is a social studies teacher in Kafuro, Uganda and his school is twinned with Liss Junior School. As he is currently here visiting the school it seemed only appropriate that we welcome him as a fellow scout. Being a social studies teacher automatically makes Mahudi a scout leader. Uganda celebrated 100 years of scouting this year and the organisation has almost as many youth members as we have in the UK, although scouting is based on the same principles as in the UK , we learnt that it is more about working for and with the community and respect for everyone. There are no badges to be earned, however Mahudi certainly put the scouts through their paces in a drill with marching. The Group Scout Leader presented our new friend with our group scarf and badges whilst Phil, scout leader presented him with a woggle and scouting badges. It was a pleasure to meet Mahudi and we will keep in contact with him.

You can read more about the Uganda Scout Association Here.