Beaver Sleepover 2015

After only 4 hours since being dropped off the Beaver have fitted alot in. So far we have made space ships, gone star gazing, played in the woods in the dark, sung round a campfire, eaten hotdogs and birthday cake. The Beavers are now all watching a movie in their onesies. Midnight snacks still to go.

You will be glad to know no-one has mentioned missing home.

The next morning

Quite a few Beavers dropped off during the film and all were at least in their rooms by 11, after the last one fell asleep all was quiet until 7 the next morning.

Sunday morning was just as active as the previous evening. With tummies full of bacon and eggy bread, we played parachute games, went on a treasure hunt, built a rocket and got dressed up as spacemen.

Finally, badges were given out to everyone with William W being presented with the Chief Scouts Bronze Award and swimming up to Cubs.