Group Photos

JOTI 2015

After 24 hours the door of the cyber cafe finally had to close and the scouts went home after the night shift. We have made many new friends across the scouting world and are still totting up the country’s we talked to.


Our website was visited by quite a few of the people we talked so they could see the picture feed from the Cyber Cafe as you can see from the picture on the right.

wpid-img_1025.jpgWe did have some help getting the Internet into the hut from our neighbours via a very long lead from a hike tent in the football field. Only one scout, one young leader and 3 leaders made it through the night, but most of the scouts made a valiant effort staying up until 4am.
So you can see what happened but don’t have to stay up all night we have compressed it all down to 2 minutes of high speed JOTI action in the video below. Keep scrolling down for the high speed cooking demo too.


The cyber cafe was a great success with Richard M winning the guess the weight of the cake competition by only 5 grams. Correct weight was 966g.






24 Hours of JOTI in 2 Minutes

Scouts Cooking Dinner