Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) 2015


Before I explain what Jamboree on the Internet is, welcome to all our overseas visitors!

Bienvenue, bienvenida, bem-vindo, welkom, selamat datang

However you say it we are in for a busy weekend.  With Friday being ‘set up and test’ night for Beavers and Scouts, before shutting down until 0900 Saturday morning.  We then have all day with Beavers and Cubs visiting for hour long slots before handing over to the Scouts for the overnight shift into Sunday morning.

Jamboree on the Internet

It’s a weekend where 1.3 million Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Joeys, Tigers, Ventures, Rovers in fact anyone connected with Scouting worldwide descend into monitored internet Chat rooms to find out how Scouting is done in other countries.  As well as typing (text) chat we hope to have voice, and even video chat, all to the background of JOTI radio, the event’s own radio station.


It’s not just chat either.  using our JID (a unique ID code for the event at 1st Liss Scouts) which this year is:


We are trying to collect as many JID codes worldwide as we can by chatting with other Groups worldwide.  We will also be playing various Bingo games using the codes, and once again will be plotting them on a map for all to see.

For those parents who can’t wait we will be updating here on a regular basis as to whats going on, and if you fancy joining in as a guest you can at