Winter Camp 2016

Prep for Camp

So here I am sitting at home before the camp, having worked last night, listening to the gentle pitter patter of rain against the window doing the multitude of things Leaders do before camp.  Risk assessments, Contact forms, even packing my own kit.  One of the things we always do is check the weather forecast.  Not really much point…  we know it’s going to rain.  However can I introduce the


Currently, according to Facebook, the mud in high traffic areas is only 6 inches deep.  Whilst Facebook is (apparently) sometimes used to spread rumours and lies I have no reason to disbelieve it on this occasion.  The accompanying photo is

 When we get back……

This may present us with a problem on our return.  As you empty your son/daughters kit you will find an addition besides the mud.  It will be part of a tent.  This needs to be returned on Friday to Scouts in a clean-dry condition.  Top tip, the bath is an excellent place for rinsing the mud off the green outers, the inners with their nice white sides can just be sponged off.  Both will need hanging up to dry.  Please do NOT use detergents, soap, or any other cleaners on the tents, just clean, cold water will be fine.  There will be a prize for the cleanest, dryest tent on Friday!



First night down

and one to go.  and yes it is muddy.  Forget those memory foam beds, just sleep in mud!  Seriously though, we all had a great night’s sleep.  and have since had a big breakfast.  Mud is a problem, but one of us gave it a very close inspection shortly after arriving.  Feet coming out of boot is another common problem, but we’re all coping well.



And so it continues….

We have had some light rain this afternoon making everything just little more squelchy.  Not that it mattered for the four Scouts who went white water rafting.  A brilliant time was had by those there.  Those staying on site took part in some of the indoor activities.  We also have a split this evening with four in the cinema, and the remainder in the disco.  Here’s a couple more pictures for you the stories can wait until we get home tomorrow!


The Leaders, as always have been at our Headquarters gaining knowledge and experiance at a national level.

Watch out for youshape coming to a Scout Troop near you soon!

Finally a quiz question for all the mums out there…..  Whos ear is this???

The Home run

So whilst the Scouts are off having one last run of the site the three Leaders are busy taking down and packing muddy tents.  The tent attached to your young persons rucksack is the one they were using!  Please can we have them back clean and dry as per the e-mails sent out Friday.

It’s amazing how well the Scouts have done in the conditions we’ve faced.  Later I’ll put up some more pud photos and give you some more ‘teasers’ about what we’ve been up to.