A Million Hands: Dementia awareness in Liss



Nationally we have half a million Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorer Scouts. It is an essential part of Scouting to ‘Help Other People’ which means we have ‘A Million Hands’ available to help out local community.

Scouting has chosen four areas where we can deploy our Million Hands to best effect over a four year programme initially. These are:



Mental Wellbeing,

Water and Sanitation.

None of these is a small subject, they all raise difficult questions, and all need our help.

What we are doing in Liss

For a project with our Scouts we thought it best to start at the top and work our way through. This year we will be looking at Dementia, its causes, what it means and most importantly what we can do to help people with dementia in our local community.

Liss Dementia Awareness

Every evening this term we will be looking at something to do with Dementia. It’s a complex subject and as a leadership team we’re not experts, but we know someone who is. On 9th October we will be hosting an evening with Julie Osborne from the Alzheimer’s Society.  Julie has kindly offered to come in and pass on some information to get us started. Parents are especially welcome to come along on this night as it affects many people and families.

Between us we are determined to make a difference in making our local community more understanding of dementia.  To be more tolerant of it, and to provide practical help to improve the lives of those with dementia in Liss and the surrounding area.

A Million Hands – Dementia  An incredibly moving story about a couple living with dementia. This is just one of the issues that young people chose to focus on as part of #amillionhands.