Cub Camp 2015

LissCubs SummerCamp 2015This is the edited highlights of the daily posts that were made from the camp. At the end there is a link a page with the best photos we took while we were away.

Cub Camp – Day 1

2 AUGUST 2015

imageA busy half day getting the camp set up.  With 35 at camp there are an unbelievable 17 tents on the site.
It’s 11 pm and the Cubs are at least in their tents but from the amount of chatting they are not quite asleep yet. As well as setting up the Cubs had burger for their tea. After camp chores Hathi led a Scouts own and then they let off some steam playing a wide game and had hot chocolate before heading off to bed.

Cub Camp – Day 2

3 AUGUST 2015

imageThe first full day of camp complete with the first flag break with our new union flag.
After getting pack lunches organised the Cubs headed off to the canoe lake which is about an hours hike from the site we are staying on.
The older Cubs, Scouts and Young Leaders went out on single seat kayaks while the younger cubs went out in Canadian open canoes.
After taking an alternative route back to the camp the Cubs tucked into a hearty beef stew.
Hopefully the Cubs will head off for bed a bit earlier tonight and the leaders will not be entertained by the magic lantern show from Slimy Six’s tent at 1 am.

Cub Camp – Day 3

4 AUGUST 2015

imageA peaceful night with all the Cubs getting an early night last night. This morning was an early to get up and out for archery at the other end of the site by 9am.
The rest of the day was spent building survival shelters in the hope of some Cubs sleeping out overnight, unfortunately they are not quite watertight so no one is outside tonight.
This evening the Cubs cooked their own meal.

Cub Camp – Day 4

5 AUGUST 2015

imageKnots, lashings, low rope and a bush tucker challenge, it’s Cub Camp day 4.
The Cubs got up late and the record for most boxes of cereal eaten at a single sitting was smashed with 6 boxes eaten by one Cub.
All the tents, including the scouts ones got inspected. After a quick lunch the Cubs headed out for a climb on the low ropes.
Hathi held a bush tucker challenge where the Cubs and Leaders tried eating crickets, Berty  Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.
In the evening the Cubs went to the campsite camp fire.

Cub Camp – Day 5

6 AUGUST 2015

imageThe big news of the day is that all the Cubs were clean for at least a few minutes after they emerged from the swimming pool at lunch time.
This afternoon we have been around the camp site making craft items to remind us of the camp.  The Cubs also had a go at tie dying t-shirts that glow in the dark.
imageThis evening all the Cubs are having a go at almost sleeping outside the with the sides and ends of their tents open.
Don’t forget tonight is the last night so please pick up your Cub up at 1pm, if you are available earlier to help pack up tents that would be great.