Summer Holiday Scouts


It’s nearly here….  Summer Holiday….  6 weeks with nothing to do?  Well here’s something for you to think about.  Why not have a go at some Challenge and Activity badges over the Summer Holiday?

Have a go at the badges below and bring in the evidence you have done them.  That might be photos, drawings, a presentation, collection or something you’ve made.  You can even e-mail it to me.

Of course there may be something else you might like to do.  Let us know what you want to do before hand and we will make sure we’ve got anything you might need to support you and someone to check it.

Challenge awards

These are required for the new Chief Scout Gold Award.

Skills Challenge award

Ideal for the School holidays as part one should take you 4-6 weeks.  Don’t worry about the last part, many of you have already done it, if not you will soon!



Creative Challenge award

Another good challenge award for those rainy days, and we’re bound to have at least one.  Bring in what you’ve made or done and be prepared to show others what you can do.




Activity Badges

There are over 60 activity badges for you to achieve.  Some of the requirements have changed this year, we are now on the new ones.   Many of these can be worked on as individuals, although some can only be done as a group.  Make sure you read the requirements carefully.  Sometimes you only need to do one ‘Option’ to get the badge.  Here’s some ideas for you…

Air Researcher Activity Badge




Air researcher

Communicator Activity Badge


Craft Activity Badge


Hobbies Activity Badge


Smallholder Activity Badge

Smallholder                                                                                                                                                                                    Sports Enthusiast Activity Badge                                                                                                                   Writer Activity Badge




Sports Enthusiast

Writer Activity Badge



Staged badges

There’s also two brand new Staged Activity badges that can be done at home.  As a very rough guide Scouts should be aiming for stage 3, although there’s nothing to stop them from going higher or lower.

Digital Citizen Staged Activity BadgeDigital citizen staged badge

Digital Maker Staged Activity BadgeDigital maker staged badge


Other things to do

Jamboree on the Internet is just around the corner in October.  Why not start looking into what it’s all about at Scoutlink.  No need to register for JOTI as I’ve already done that but you can look at what’s going on and even try the chat room for yourself.