Scouts swimming with courage

It’s not often we put something up from a single night, more often from a major event but the courage shown by some of the Scouts has really impressed me.

We had our trip to Petersfield Taro centre swimming, as we normally do once a term.  Firstly we had a Scout who had not done much swimming before.  To jump into the pool with all the other Scouts there on only his second go was amazing and showed real courage.  Well done.

Swimmer Stage 1

We also had a Cub Scout with us as part of his moving on award, and with the help of an Assistant Patrol Leader, he completed one length of the pool along with some other bits and pieces to gain his Swimmer stage 1.  A Scout has courage in all difficulties.  It’s one of the Scout Laws, both of you showed it tonight.

Swimmer Stage 2

Three Scouts also completed their Swimmer stage 2, two of them have not been invested yet, but will get the badge when they are.  Many thanks to our parent helper ‘Kate’ for doing that badge with them.

As for the others, the staff at the pool were very impressed with the way you conducted yourselves.  Thos eof you who are still working on it the requirements for the swimmer staged badges can be found here.