Scout Night Hike, Blackmoor to Liss

Drawing the end of a busy term to a close we held a night hike from Blackmoor Church down to the Scout Hut where those who wanted to had an overnight stay.

The hike start

We started by dropping off kit for the overnight stay at the hut.  Then parents dropped the Scouts off at Blackmoor,where we had special permission from the Estate to go down through their land to Benhams Lane.  Having walked a massive half mile the first complaints of aching limbs started.  During the hike the Scouts did their own map reading taking it in turns.  There were reminders that the red end of the compass needle pointed to North, and so did the top of the map.  Once we re-established that things were a lot easier.  Then it was cross country through some fields and then a minor jungle infested with…….. spiders!


The middle

After stopping for a photo shoot on the bridge over the A3 we carried down, skirting the ranges to the top of the riverside walk.  I’m sure we all know the way then…..  down the walk where we paused for a few minutes looking at the statues on the way.

The hike end

Finally after what seemed like hours, but was actually about 2 1/2 we arrived at the Scout hut and after putting up the hike tents from the stores Akela and Phil produced many hotdogs!

In the morning…..

It gets light very early this time of year, about 5.30 to be precise, so a 7.00 start was like a lie in really.  Then still not really hungry we cooked some breakfast.  Tim had his first as he was off to work this morning, but in the end a Bacon Buttie was appreciated by all, well nearly all….

IMAG0661After Breakfast it was time to take down the tents and squeeze them into what seemed like ridiculously small bags. Then after 14 hours out and about it was time for the weary 5 to go home, one of them straigt to bed for some catch up sleep before a party tonight!

Those who attended the hike will get 1 ‘hike day’ added to their total so thats a hikes badge for one of them, and increased totals for the other 6 who took part.  The 5 who stayed overnight also get one added to their total so thats one Scout on his first adventure with us, and one now up to 15. As we also spent the night in tents there is another night added towards the magic 15 needed for the new Camper badge for those who stayed over.

I’d like to thank the following people for helping make this Everyday Adventure happen in Liss:

Steve, parent helper, thanks once again for putting in the miles with us.

Akela, Phil, thanks for cooking the hot dog sausages, providing a safety back up, and driving leaders back to pick up cars.

Tim, Thanks for helping on the walk, your local knowledge of the back lanes in the area is great.  Without you the overnight stay would not have been possible.