1st Liss Scouts Geocache

Geocaching Activity Badge

Continuing on with our Geocaching badge we started on Easter Camp tonight we placed the ‘1stLiss Scouts 2015’ Geocache.

If you’ve never heard of it before then Geocaching is like a world wide treasure hunt using clues and GPS to find hidden boxes.  Each box is called a Geocache, and contains a log book and some small items that can be used as ‘swaps’.

Geocaching is a free activity, once a GPS receiver has been obtained, that can be enjoyed by everyone.  With GPS now on most Smart phones it’s within the reach of most people.  For more information on Geocaching have a look at

Our Geocache

Geocaching has it’s own terminology but the Scouts didn’t want ours to be an easy ‘cache and dash’ so the final location is guarded by three clues from around the village.  Anyone who wants to find our hidden box must start at the Junior School, and wind their way down through Newman Collard, past the Triangle, and find clues along the way.

These clues then give a final location where our box is cunningly hidden.  We will check the box on a regular basis both physically and online and it is hoped it will bring much pleasure to those who have never been to Liss before.

If you wish to look up our cache once it’s been approved then it’s unique ID number is GC5Y8CF.