Easter Camp

Easter Camp Day1 Sunday

We arrived on site in absolutely glorious weather, and after a quick lunch put up the three Patrol tents and catering marquee. All the tents went up really well and will need the minimum of work during the week. After that it was time to start preparing dinner.

Red Patrol cooked a lovely spaghetti bolognaise which was enjoyed by all, most even had seconds! With the washing up done and site cleared away there was just enough time to get things all sorted before dark.

The two Explorers with us are now entertaining Akela in writing the route card for tomorrow’s hike to Fort Nelson. Judging from the noise we could end up anywhere! So I’ll finish today’s update with two quotes the first from our Group Scout Leader ” We dont use Sat nav, we’re Scouts….’, and the second quote from one of our Cubs…. “Wow, can I do some more washing up?”


Day 2 Monday

They say the most dangerous thing in the world is a Scout Leader with a map,  we certainly tested this today with our hike to Fort Nelson. After a full breakfast we set off with the Scouts following their own route cross country to the top of Portsmouth. Along the way they all navigated a section of the walk. Because of the excellent navigation skills learned they have all got not only their ‘Hikes away’ badge, but also are well on their way to ‘Navigator’ Stage 2 as a minimum.

During the evening the Scouts have also been busy working towards their ‘Meterorologist’ badge which is being run by one of our Explorers on site. This was followed by Pineapple fritters at 10.30 last night and then suitably tired they went to bed and slept very well!


Day 3 Tuesday

Another really busy day onsite today. We started a good chunk of the Pioneer badge doing rope sealing before making a model of a shelter. Then off to build the real thing, as I write we have 6 scouts sleeping in a two story tent, 3 sleeping upstairs in a suspended net, and three sleeping on the ground floor underneath. Today we have seen them working as a team for the first time, we have seen some very unlikely partnerships forming, and an incredible amount of hard work going on.  For dinner tonight we had chicken in bbq sauce with pasta and swiss roll. Akela decided not to cook pineapple fritters at 10.30…. Visitors today included a magpie interested in our camp sink  but judging from the noise its unlikely we will get any more tonight. Weather observations are going well, but the absence of any clouds or rainfall is making that part of the badge difficult!