Patrol Leaders Council January 2015

The Patrol Leaders Council is made up of the Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders within the troop.  It is chaired by a Young Leader or in his absence the Senior Patrol Leader. The adult leaders are intentionally not part of the council. It’s function is to review past activities and events and provide feedback to the adult Leaders on all matters within the Scout Troop.


All meetings are minuted by the Scouts and comments passed onto the Leaders for action.

PLC comments from last month


1.      We liked the cooking.

2.      We liked ICT.



3.      We want less sitting around, and want to be more active.



4.      Mechanics badge, interesting!




5.      More badge work

Scout Leaders response


1.      This will be useful over Easter camp.

2.      Although not a core part of our programme we do cover this at times during the year as part of our balanced programme.

3.      Unfortunately there is always a degree of sitting around. Sometimes things don’t run to plan, other times we are waiting for you to be quiet. We try and keep this to a minimum as we like getting out and about too!

4.      Tim puts a lot of time and effort into running this badge, it’s interesting to see you like this kind of sitting around. That makes it possible for us to do other activity badges over a similar 3 week period.

5.      Much of the badge work we do is hidden. It may be playing a particular game, or taking part in an event but EVERYTHING we do counts towards a badge somewhere. With the new system a lot of the work is to be done off your own back, but we can always help with that.

 Ideas for next term


1.      Badge Option evening.





2.      Scavenger Hunt


3.      Pioneering badge(Easter Camp).


4.      More cooking (3 course meal and Leaders judge)


5.      Weekend camp (prep for Easter)





6.      ICT staged badges



7.      1st Aid


8.      Indoor Climbing


9.      Expedition Challenge award


10.  Public services

Scout Leader response


1.      Provided it’s agreed with us beforehand I can’t see a problem with giving anyone a 5 minute slot in an evening. What I don’t want is someone taking an evening over on their specialist subject. That’s why we could have a 5 minute rule.

2.      Great idea.   Once it gets a bit lighter how about an evening looking for items up on the Ranges?

3.      You’ve forgotten you set the programme for Easter Camp….. Pioneering is already on it.

4.      Difficult to do with our 2100 finish time. I always end up washing up. Maybe a late finish that night, but a good idea.

5.      It’s difficult for me to get too many weekends away with Scouts and as the Permit holder for the section at the moment I’d have to be there. The Easter camp will be fairly laid back so we should be able to get ourselves together in slow time to start with ready for an exciting week.

6.      It’s in hand….   Be patient! There’s nothing to stop you doing this at home and bringing in your evidence (or e-mailing it to me!). Please bear in mind we are not a computer club though!

7.      Everyone should have at least the level 2 staged badge for 1st Aid. We can work towards the level 3 and 4.

8.      Why just a one night thing? Anyone for a Climbers badge???

9.      Car Vs Public Transport?   OK, leave it with me. We may need to restrict numbers in any one go, but should be possible.

10.  Another visit from the Police is possible, but I have fingers in pies from everyone from Chartered Engineers to Archaeologists at the moment. Lets see what comes up 🙂