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Beaver Christmas Starts Early

As with every year, the Beaver Christmas kicks off early in November with the annual trip to Paultons Park.

It many be Super Dry in Japan, but it was Super Wet Wet Wet at Paultons yesterday when 16 Beavers took their family out for a great day, meeting Chip the Hampshire Beaver Mascot, Pudsey from BBC Children in Need, Peppa Pig and  of course Santa.

I had been hoping for a dry visit but this was the 7th consecutive year that the heavens have opened. Fingers crossed for next year.

Although everyone was off with their own families, I did bump into quite a few Beavers during the day and I know that some of you were still there at closing time having had a great time on the rides. Even Plum faced her fear of the Edge and Cobra as some of the Beavers said there was nothing to be scared of.