Jamboree on the Internet…. Update

It’s now 1am and we’re still going.

IMAG0284[1]The Scouts have discovered….. girls, Swedish, Australian, and Alaska seem to be the favourites, in the mean time the Leaders are doing YMCA by skype…  Welcome to our world, literally, the whole world has passed through this room today with many friendships being made.

We are receiving validation cards as well as the now very familiar JID codes so that makes a welcome change!  The code 5GB21E will be etched on my brain forever.

More codes, more cards and more Scouts…. It’s never ending a constant stream of Beavers (or Joeys as the Aussies call them) Cubs (Tigers) Scouts and Explorers (Ventures) with the occasional Leader for good fun!

Skype has been a big hit with two cameras set up and America seems popular now, with Indonesia close behind and the rest of the world following.

All in all a fantastic day which will just have to be repeated next year.