Beavers Photos

Sleepover 2014 (Photos)

We have just returned from our annual District Sleepover with Beavers from Liphook and returned some very tied Beavers to their parents. In 19 hours we managed to fit in a huge amount of activities, including lantern making, a game in light house in the very dark wood, a camp-fire, hot dogs, a movie, a scavenger hunt, games and even a little sleep (for some). Room 7 wins the prize for the latest to bed, none of the leaders knew what was so important to discuss at 2am but evidently some things can’t wait until morning. This was only surpassed by 2 of our young leaders who decided that they would stay up until sun rise… Just in case any of the Beavers woke up!!

I am glad to say that none of the Beavers were really home sick and  there was nothing a bag of Haribos would not fix.

Here are some of the pictures of the weekends activities I am sure your Beaver will be able tell you what is going on.