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New finish time for Scouts

Our problem….


Just to let you know that following parent feedback we have reviewed the finish time of Scouts on a temporary basis.As you know we are restricted to holding Scouts on a Friday evening due to Leader availability.  This means it can start no earlier than 19:30 as Beavers finishes at 19:00.  We need the 30 minutes to get in and ready, so starting any earlier isn’t an option.Several parents at our parents meeting and through feedback to various leaders have raised concerns that with that the current 21:30 finish time was a little late.  The Leadership team, in consultation with the Group Scout Leader, and indeed the Scouts themselves felt a finish time of 2100 more appropriate.



Our solution….


Therefore with effect from Friday 3rd October we will be offering a staggered approach to finishing times.  We will be offering a ‘normal’ finishing time of 21:00 for our younger members.  However if there is enough demand we will continue until 21:30 for Patrol Leaders, Assistant Patrol leaders, and older Scouts.  It may be that as the average age of the Troop picks up again we can take another look at this but as always we will get your views on this at the time.

There will be occasions where the 21:30 finish would be preferable, for example for trips, visits, and special projects, you will be notified of these beforehand, and obviously have the opportunity to collect your son or daughter at 21:00 in  any case.  Reasons for this will include any cooking activities where there seems to be a reluctance to clear things away, and putting up tents, where it sometimes just takes forever!  On the other hand it may be that we just need to instill a sense of urgency!  Something for us to work on perhaps….

Put the word about!

I’m also conscious that some of our younger Scouts may have had some time away as the finish time was just too late, if that’s the case, and they want to try again with the earlier finish time then again that’s OK with us.