Ready for new Scout Term

Ready for new term?

So, new Scout term….  here we are again…..  Another term about to start and being the Autumn term it’s paperwork time.  Every year we have to renew and check the details we have on you and our Scouts.  This will include permission forms to attend Scouts (and activities in the immediate area) Gift aid forms (so we can legally rob the bank) photography forms (to make sure there are no changes) as well as a check to make sure your MyScout details are correct.

With all that out the way it’s back to the fun stuff.  The new programme for this term is still being worked on but you can bet it’s going to be better than ever before.  Can I draw your attention to Friday 12th September where I’d like to invite you all to a parents evening.  With many younger Scouts I think it important for you to know what we do, and how we do it.  Come in armed with questions, we have many answers, we also have some questions for you….  I’m not looking for additional Scout Leaders, as you will see I have my hands full with what I’ve got at the moment.

We need more Scouts!!!

What we are looking for is new Scouts.  As I said earlier in the year I’d like an increase in numbers towards the end of the year.  We will be having some special events this term just to boost our numbers.  This is important as with more Scouts we can do bigger and better activities.  Don’t forget we also take girls!

Activities already planned

No rest for the wicked, here’s what we have coming up and when.  Sign up for the events in the usual way on MyScout.  You don’t have to do them all, I’d just like to offer them so everyone gets an oppertunity.  Nothing worse than finding out you COULD have done something, if only you had known….  If you don’t want to do something then clicking on ‘NO’ in my Scout when you get the invite stops all those reminders.  It also helps us when planning for numbers as well.

18 October  Jamboree on the Internet- Scouts can chat to other Scouts worldwide, overnight!

24 October  Camp Cook badge with our friends at Pro-Badge

9th November Remenberance Sunday.  Obviously a special event this year.  All Scouts are expected to attend.

21 November  Pioneer badge back at Solent Scout Centre with Pro-Badge

We are also offering a Hiker’s badge split over three weekends.  Check MyScout for details.

Can we fit anything else in…..?  I’m sure we can….