Cubs Photos

Cub Camp (Photos)

Cub Camp Day 1

It’s only 11pm and the Cubs are at least in there onsies and getting settled down for the night. Today was all about getting the camp set up and an Orienteering competition to find there way around the camp. Everyone managed a huge plate of spag bol this evening and a hot chocolate before bed.

Cub Camp Day 2

At our first full day at Camp we got stuck into the routine, full cooked breakfast, flagbreak and inspection. Today’s activities were climbing where only 2 of the cubs and scouts made it to the top of the wall. Archery, caving, and the maze where most of the cubs got quite wet so all of the cubs have been for a trip through the shower. Tonight’s dinner was corn beef hash, which was new to some but at least everyone tried to eat some.

This evening we have been making dream catchers and the leaders are hoping they will be treated very soon.

We will be remembering the start WW1 tonight at  10pm by lighting a single candle.

Cub Camp Day 3

We really are settled into Camp life now. This morning we took a trip into the local town to check out a well recommended toy shop. Most bizarre purchase was a pair of handcuffs!
This afternoon the Cubs were on the assault course, photos below, get the washing machine manual out for super advanced pre-wash on Friday. In the evening the Cubs prepared their own dinner from a bag of ingredients, no-one starved.
Meanwhile the 3 scouts at camp have been learning more outdoors skills and have cooked all their own meals, culminating in gutting trout to the amazement of the Cubs.
Finally we have battened down the hatches to prepare for overnight rain forecast.

Cub Camp Day 4

Really slow start this morning but not a wet cub to be seen even though we had 3hrs of torrential rain during the night.
Today everyone was involved in the pioneering project which was to build watch tower
This evening we held a Camp Fire and cooked some of our dinner on it.

Cub Camp Day 5

The last full day of camp and we have been out all day visiting Mercedes Benz World at Brookland Motor Circuit were we learnt about old cars and some very modern ones, every one got to sit in an AMG and go out on a 4×4 experience. 4×4 The Movie will be shown on the first week back.
Tonight we are having a gourmet meal at a fine dinning establishment in Woking.
When we got back to the camp everyone worked really hard to take down as much of the canvas as we could as rain was forecast for the morning. Most of the Cubs moved into hike tents which was a bit more of an adventure and we got all the tents down we wanted too.

Cub Camp Day 6

Last day at camp and most of the morning was pent tidying up the rest of the site and putting things back as we had found them. Fortunately the rain held off until mid morning but we managed to stay on track for leaving on time.

Many thanks to all those who came and helped.


Enjoy the Photos.