Signing up for Scout events

With the large number of events now on offer it seems most of you are happy signing up for Scout events with our new system ‘Online Scout Manager’.  For those of you yet to try it the feedback from others is that it really is quite simple and nothing to be scared of!

For every event on offer you will receive an e-mail with a secure link.  Clicking on that link opens up your personalised page like the one below.


Looking across the top of the page if you click on ‘Events’ you will see you can then click on the various activities on offer.  It’s always worth looking at the details at the end as that will tell you dates, costs and so on as well as giving you the oppertunity to help.  This is also how you sign up to the event, and it gives you the option of paying online which should make everyones life a bit easier!  Even if you don’t want to attend a Scout event, can you tell us by clicking on ‘No’.  This then lets me know, for example, whether I need to book a minibus or if we can get away with just cars.  This has a huge impact on planning for the events we attend.

If you need to pay for an event then this is the place to do so.  Paying online is the simplest way of making sure everything is up to date and costs you no extra.  Events can be paid for one at a time or you can set up a ‘subscription’ for all events.  You can also look at whats been paid for already, the up and coming programme, the badges your son or daughter has earned and update your contact details here.  Finally the ‘Noticeboard’ gives a broad overview of whats going on and some other snippets of information.

If you do have any problems or concerns have a look at our Online Scout Manager page or let me know.