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Cub Camp 2013 – Blog

10 August 2013

This is consolidation of the daily postings from the camp. They have been edited (spellings corrected etc. now I have a proper computer) and extended with the shopping list. We are looking at compiling a CD of all the photos that were taken on camp for the beginning of term, lookout for a MyScout e-mail in the near future so you can order a copy. If your Cub had a camera at camp, please upload them to us on our photo contact page a childs eye view of the camp will be interesting.

We hope that the camp was enjoyed by your Cub as much as it was by the leaders. Thank you for the positive comments about the blog posts when we got back to the Scout hut and also many thanks for the cards the leaders were given.

Cub Camp – Day 1 (sent at 11:13pm)

Flag beak on first day

Flag beak on first day

Sorry, today post is a little late, we  have just tucked the Cubs in for the night, the GSL can still be heard going “shh shh”. Today the Cubs arrived at camp, many thanks to all the parents who helped load the trailer in Liss and those that came to the site to erect tents, it would have taken much longer without you.
Having settled in and got the first meal inside us (Akela’s sausage casserole), we invested Isla when we took the flag down this evening.

Cub Camp – Day 2 (sent at 10:10pm)

Low Ropes

Low Ropes

Today was the first full day of activities for the Cubs. This morning was low ropes where the sixes competed against each other and it was great for team building.

In the afternoon we went climbing on the mountain wall, some of the Cubs showed off their spider genes, the activity finished with some bouldering just as the heavens opened.

Bouldering in the rain

Bouldering in the rain

In the ensuing flood one tent got washed out and the whole pack worked hard to help clean up. The Cubs are all dry again, and the tent now waterproofed against any further monsoon.

image - Cleaning up after the flood

Cleaning up after the flood

The leaders are looking forward to an early night with one six already in bed.

Cub Camp – Day 3 (sent at 8:50pm)

Last night was much quieter night with all the Cubs turning their lights out much earlier than the first night. There has been no more rain and all the wet clothes have been dried out on Baloos washing line.
Today we have been to archery in the morning were some of the cubs proved to be quite good shots. To get there, the Cubs all got a good walk from one end of the camp to the other.



The afternoon was spent on the lake in open canoes. All the cubs ended up going for a swim at some point during the afternoon. Even Akela took a dip and she wasn’t even in a canoe!



Do check your mailboxes tomorrow. If the Royal Mail handwriting experts manage to crack the code on the address side of the postcard there may be something for you.

image - Postcard writing

Postcard writing

The cubs are cooking tonight, so as I watch the sun set this evening, I’m wondering if we’ll ever see any food this side of midnight.

image-The Whole Site

The Whole Site

Cub Camp – Day 4 (sent at 11:20pm)

Another dry day 🙂
You will be glad to know that your cub is now clean, yes that’s right they have been for a swim.
Akela and Baloo have a strict tent inspection regime in place every morning. Your Cub is now accustomed the cleaning up their own living space, they have also all had a go in the pot wash and would have been given their washing up badge if there was such a thing. You might want to carry on when daily inspections when they get home.

image-Tent Inspection

Tent Inspection

This afternoon we went abseiling with most of the Cubs going down three times, having been gently persuaded over the edge by Baloo the first time.

image-Getting ready to abseil

Getting ready to abseil

Sorry the blog is a little late tonight. We have just put the Cubs to bed after swiss rolls, custard and hot chocolate.

Cub Camp – Day 5 (sent at 11:40pm)

Today was the final full day of Camp. After a bit of a slow start we got on the road for a day out on the Pooh Trail. The Cubs indulged in some retail therapy at the Pooh Corner shop before we went to the real Pooh Sticks Bridge where we played Pooh Sticks and had lunch.

image-Pooh Sticks

Pooh Sticks

After lunch we walked round 500 Acre Wood seeing all the sights from the books.

image-Pretending to be Heffalumps

Pretending to be Heffalumps

image-Cub Staircase

Cub Staircase

At the Heffalump Trap we all tried to disguise ourselves as Heffalumps. After that everyone tried to climb the Heffalump Tree to have photos taken. The cubs then tried to build a staircase so Baloo could get into the tree as well no Cubs were injured in the taking of this photo).

This evening we went out for a gourmet meal at KFC before heading back to Camp and a wide game before coco and flapjacks and some thoughts about the good bits of the week together.
Your Cub is now almost asleep (11:30) and will probably sleep for a week when they get home.
Tomorrow the forecast is for rain in the morning. We hope to be off the site by 1:30pm so should be back in Liss at about 3:30pm.

Cub Camp – Day 6 (sent at 3:35pm)

image-Homeward bound

Homeward bound

As expected the heavens opened at 7 this morning giving all the canvas a good soaking this meant that packing up took considerably longer than we expected. After breakfast, all of the Cubs got stuck in the task of packing up the camp and were ready and willing to help with every task that they were given, be it finding a final resting place for the last of the baked beans, washing all the pots and pans right though to taking down their own tents.
After the flag was taken down for the final time and a brief drink and snake with Akela we finally left the site at 3:30, 2 hours later than expected.

Once again, many thanks to all the parents and Cubs to helped unload the trailer when we got back.


Just incase you have been told that your Cub was on starvation rations during the Camp, the Cubs were in fact well fed. We got though:

  • 6kg Bacon & 72 sausages

    Baloo Choosing the Sweets

    Baloo Choosing the Sweets

  • 8 doz eggs
  • 72 individual cereal packets, 2 super sized boxes of Shreddies, and 12 weetabix
  • 10 litres of milk
  • 2kg of instant drinking chocolate
  • 3kg pasta
  • 120 fish fingers
  • 18 loaves of bread
  • 4 Swiss Rolls & 3 litres of Custard
  • 2 KFC Deluxe Boneless Feasts (with extra chicken)
  • 4kg cheese
  • 2kg mince
  • 5kg potatoes, 50 peppers, 10 cucumbers 2.5kg onions, 2.5kg raw carrots, 1kg mushrooms
  • 25 Bananas & 5 kg apples
  • 3 catering size tins of Baked Beans (helps keep the tents warm at night 🙂 )
  • 150 slices of ham
  • 96 packets of crisps
  • 5 litres orange squash
  • 10 litres orange juice
  • 10 litres apple juice
  • 34 ice lollies
  • a packet of biscuits
  • a seemingly unlimited supply of cakes provided by parents, many thanks 🙂  (we finished the last ones when we got back to the hut !)
  • And they still had room for some sweets from the tuck shop