Group Photos

Building Kernow

On 20/21st April a small team of Dads made a huge difference to the Jamboree. Over the two day period they worked to fit two staircases and clad the aerial runway tower for part of the Adventure zone at Nine Ashes Campsite.

Despite being fed enormous pasties, and in no particular order Brian Walsh, Malcolm Angell, Roger Synge, and Mike Green doubled the size of the Big Build team getting things ready for the Jamboree and beyond. All of the Jamboree staff who visited were very grateful of the team, particularly in view of how far we had travelled.

We left on the Friday night and drove down to Bodmin to pick up our evening meal and other ‘supplies’ before heading up to Nine Ashes. Once on site we put tents up and had a look round the site. Although I have camped there many times, a lot has changed in the past 15 years since.

Saturday Morning saw the arrival of the remainder of the Big Build team including Falmouth Explorer Scouts (where I was introduced as the Scout Leaders old Scout Leader)! Then it was quickly ‘off to work’. After looking at the Assault course we decided to leave that with the remainder of the team preferring to get our teeth into the Aerial runway tower which was just 4 legs and some cross bracing. Throughout the day we put in the first staircase and clad 3/4 of the base. Once we reached a sensible point it was back to 1st Castle Ayncke Scout hut where following the Scout Leaders Birthday celebrations we got to sleep.

After a full breakfast it was back to site to put the next staircase and hand rails in where we had to finally leave the site. Throughout the weekend our hosts looked after all our needs, getting extra materials, including some very expensive screws, and taking onboard our suggestions.

Finally some photos!