Scouts Winter camp 12/1/13 Update from the site!!!

Arrived safely and rumour has it even overtook something on the A3 on the way.  Well the site was muddy on arrival, but it’s even worse now.  All the Scouts have been having a fantastic time taking part in everything from the 2 wheeled Segway vehicles, to white water rafting down the course used during the Olympics.

Lots of photos have been taken by Tim and myself, I think we have at least one of everyone.  These will find there way on here next week once I’ve scraped all the mud off.

So when we come back make sure your car seats are covered with bin bags, and washing machines are empty, remember it’s only mud.  See you all tomorrow at 4 (ish)

Lee and Tim



Dont forget your clean dry clothes in a separate bag!  The weather is supposed to be cold, but dry.

Latest from the site is it WILL be muddy.

Kit will be checked tonight at 1900 at the Scout hut.  Depart by 1930, in the disco for 10!!!

See you all later