Scout survival camp updated 01/10/12

So we all survived!  After 3 weeks of training the Scouts were dropped off in the middle of nowhere near Winchester with nothing more than what they had on and a couple of small maps.  After making their way across a network of roads and paths they were reunited with their kit at Pinsent Scout Campsite.

After a quick lunch back up Patrol tents were put up, and the survival shelters built.  The evening meal was cooked on open fires with the minimum of utensils and after clearing away and a couple of games Oliver was invested around the campfire.

Shortly afterwards they went rafting……  too difficult to explain here, but a good time was had by all.

In the dark, they went to their shelters and the majority of them stayed the night there sleeping in little more than a sleeping bag, survival bag and whatever they could find on the site.

In the morning, breakfast was cooked again on open fires, which were lit without matches, after which the site was taken  down.

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