Leaders Holiday!

5 September 2012

You may have spent the summer wondering what the Leaders have been up to, Lee whittling away at tent pages, Birch thinking up new things to do with glitter and Kath planning the terms programme.

The Store is actually a Tradis “

All of the Leaders and the Exec Committee members have actually spent most weekends down at the hut de-cluttering, tidying out the store and cleaning. This has been partly in preparation for the move to temporary accommodation while the new West Liss Pavilion is built, hopefully be some time in the next year, and so that we know what we have and where it is.

Birch looks for the last box of glitter

It is quite amazing just how much “scout jumble” and rubbish a group can collect over the years. It would appear that the store room is actually a Tradis, given that when it was emptied the contents filled the hall. We have kept what we need, sold serviceable items that we don’t need to other groups, taken what was left over to car boot sales and looked for new homes for a few things on e-Bay. The remainder had to go for re-cycling as we just cannot take it with us.

Needless the say the last few days have been a bit hectic but the Scout Hut is now tidy and ready for us to get on with what we really enjoy as Leaders which is making Scouting happen in Liss.

Ready for use again.