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Meccano Spinnaker Tower (Photos)

The Build Britain in Meccano competition challenged Beavers and Cubs to try and build a local landmark out of Meccano and take it along to the annual Beaver and Cub Funday at the Gilwell  Park, the Headquarters of scouting. Five of the 1st Liss Beavers, and Tegan  spent 2 evenings building a model of the Spinnaker Tower, with the loan of some pieces and a design by local Meccano enthusiast, Jim from Holy Trinity Meccano Club; we also had some dads along to help interpret the instructions. Over the 2 evenings, the Beavers set about bolting all of the parts together and even by the end of the first night, you could see what we were aiming for.

At the end of the second evening, we had a topping out ceremony where we put in the final part of the tower before heading off to Gilwell.

If you would like to see what else we did at Gilwell have a look at this post with pictures.

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