Beavers Photos

Beaver Funday (Photos)

Have you ever wondered what your Beaver gets up to on a day out? You may be surprised by just how much we can fit in.

In one quite long day a Gilwell Park we managed, putting up a tent, handling snakes, launching water powered rockets, going down a zip line, grass sledging, wire walking, a roller coaster ride in a simulator and that was all before lunch.

After lunch we made pin hole cameras with Rolls Royce, had an archery lesson,  put out a real fire with a fire extinguisher, slide down the inflatable slide (loads of times), went go-carting, had a go at abseiling, built a mug tree and took down the tent. Then we headed off to Burger King for a quick top up of energy before heading home.

Here are some of the photos of the day.