Group Photos

Family Camp 2012 – Photos

We hope that you all enjoyed the Family Camp this year despite the cold and damp and have gone back to school/work with tales of the weekend. Dan and Sally are still recovering from cooking for so many people, previously Dan has helped Lee out with camps of around 25 so news that here would be 31 families at the camp came as a bit of a surprise, as for Sally, this was her first time at mass cooking, but she says she will come along again! Many thanks to all the families who helped out in the cookhouse after each meal, it really did lighten the load for Dan and Sally.

It would seem the leaders did not have enough time to get many pictures of the camp so if you do have the odd one or 2 that capture the camp we would love to have them and post the best ones on the website. You can send them to us using this page.

We have already started thinking about next years camp so put the early May Bank Holiday in your 2013 diary now for a Swashbucklin (not that we are thinking about a theme) weekend.