Pinewood Derby 2012

The Petersfield Pinewood Derby is an annual model car building and racing event organised by Petersfield District and has categories for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Leaders. There are trophies for the fastest cars in each category as well as the best design and finish.

Most of the fun of the Derby is designing and making the cars, and while the Beavers will need help with the cutting out and getting the weight right, they can go to town with the decoration, so this is a great activity you can get involved in too.

Entry forms where given out a couple of weeks ago, please return to Section Leaders by 13 Jan so we can order the car kits.

On 20 Jan the Beavers and Scouts will be visiting the Bentley Vintage Racing Garage at Hill Brow, (the mini bus is booked) for some hints and tips like why green paint makes cars go faster. For the Beaver visit we have some spare space for parent helpers that night, if anyone is interested please contact Acorn.

The actual event will be held at Churchers College on Saturday 18 Feb from 3pm with racing starting at 3:30pm. Cars need to be registered (and checked to make sure they meet the specifications) on Friday evening (6:30 – 8:30) or Saturday morning (9:00-10:00). If the car is not registered or does not meet the specification then it is not allowed to race! It is a good idea to get the cars checked on Friday evening so that “modifications” can be made if it is not quite right and you can have another go at registering again on Saturday morning.

There prizes for:

  • Fastest car in each catagory, Beaver/Cub/Scout/Leader
  • Best Design
  • Best Paint Job
  • Most Colourful
  • Most Humorous
  • Must Futuristic
  • Best Personal Effort

Away for Half Term? Even if you are going to be away for half term, don’t be left out of the fun of designing and making a car, Acorn will collect any “unaccompanied” cars on 10 Feb and take them to be registered the following Friday and they will be raced even if you are not there. Please make sure your name, sections and 1st Liss is written on the bottom.

A history of the Pinewood Derby can be found here there are also losts of hints and tips on how to build your car on the Internet.