District Cub Challenge – Winners

First and Second Team in 2011 District Challenge
First and Second Team in 2011 District Challenge

The Petersfield District Cub Challenge is a test of Cub’s scouting skill and knowledge, problem solving, craft and cookery skills. This year the District Challenge was hosted at 1st Liss Scout HQ on 19 Nov with teams from 1st Liphook, 1st Petersfield and because of the excellent support 2 teams from 1st Liss Packs.
The day was a great success with 1st Petersfield Cubs winning the District Mastermind competition.

The 1st Liss Cubs teams managed an excellent over all performance across all the activities during the afternoon (note by Akela, a bit more scout history required), and secured first and second place on the District Challenge Trophy.

Akela looked after fruit  cooking over the BBQ while 1st Liss Group Chairman oversaw the mini pioneering project where the Cubs had to draw the component national flags that make up the union flag and build the tallest structure they could out of bamboo canes and rubber bands. Many ingenious designs were created, not all as free standing as others.

Wining Mini Pioneering Project